Welcome to, the online store of Fourth is King and Adapt-Studio, Inc. This is the place where we sell the things that we have made. Everything from original art and prints by J. Byrnes to tshirts and apparel under our brand Fourth is King.


I am an artist and a graphic designer and founder of Adapt-Studio, Inc. Like most, work during the day can be just that, “work.” So instead of doing more projects for clients, this time I wanted to do something for myself. Take some of the ideas in my head and make them come to life. Fourth is King is a well thought out brand that gives me the opportunity to create and sell products.

As a brand, Fourth is King promises to make comfortable clothing with special attention to the design details. I create limited edition products that are simple, playful and classic. It’s made for me, my family and friends, and if you dig it then its for you too… made for us. The people who buy Fourth is King enjoy discovering and buying unique things (clothing, music, art) that not everyone else has. They like it when someone stops them on the street to ask “Where did you get that?”

Fourth is King got its name from combining the fact that I am a fourth, James W. Byrnes IV, and a children’s rhyme that starts with first is the worst, second is the best. Fourth is King uses a symbol/mark we like to call The Amigo. Some call it a monkey, others say it looks like a Lego head, but to us it’s The Amigo. He represents individuality. He has big hair. He is honest and simple, yet sophisticated.

Our story started as once upon a time. I am confident it will end with happily ever after.

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